Preliminary Estimate of Fees:

Schematic Design
Package A
  • Field Measure
  • 1-2 Floor Plan Options

Choose this option if you are in the "thinking stage" and need to get your ideas down on paper.

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Design Development
Package B
  • (fee includes Package A)
  • Field Measure
  • 2-3 Floor Plan Options
  • Pricing Floor Plan
  • Exterior Views

Choose this option if you are ready to move forward and need to know if your project is within your target budget. This package will also give you enough detail so you can interview contractors and decide who will best meet your needs.

Construction Documents/Permit Set
Package C
  • (fee includes Package A & B)
  • Field Measure
  • 2-4 Floor Plan Options
  • Construction-Ready Drawings suitable for submitting for a building permit

This package combines the efforts of the first two packages and completes them to a level sufficient to get a Building Permit. With a completed Package C, you are ready to "break ground" to begin your remodel!

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While each project has its own scope, the following can be used as a guide when budgeting for our services:
Possible Projects through Package C
  • Bathroom design $900 - $1800
  • Kitchen or basement design $900 - $2000
  • Small addition or interior remodel $1500 - $2600
  • Large addition or major reconfiguration of existing spaces $2600 - $4000
  • New home $3750 and up depending on size / scope of project

Note:  Once we meet with you and discuss your project and its particular needs, we will provide you with a firm fee, with a “Not to Exceed” limit.

"Actual pricing based upon your project design requirements, to be determined after our first consultation meeting. There is no cost for the consultation meeting."

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